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SciTools has increased my productivity and confidence to master the flow of various open source code in a short given timeline. I accelerates my analysis by identifying flaws and malicious code in the application with this companion. The great new feature, “Refactoring” which has much easier to have massive changed of the code. In addition, it helps us to roll out best practices quickly and efficiently to our development teams. It is the most user friendly and best static code analyzer that I have ever used. Thanksgiving for your hard works and ideas.

- KK Yong, Senior Staff Engineer (MIMOS Berhad)

About SciTools

SciTools has been making powerful, easy-to-use software tools for developers since 1996, and the founding team has been in the business since 1986. Our tools help software programmers understand, document and maintain their software. As programmers ourselves, our philosophy has always been to produce tools that we would like to use and that would make us more productive. In fact, we use our products on a daily basis in our own work. +Read more.