Understand® is an IDE built from the ground up to help you fully comprehend your source code. Analyze it, measure it, visualize it, maintain it - Understand it.

If your code is safety or mission critical or has grown larger than one person can handle, you owe it to yourself to try out Understand. Understand will help you discover exactly what your code is doing and why, and you will soon be wondering how you lived without it. Join the 20,000 other engineers that already Understand their code and try a fully functional trial now, or learn more.

The feature of language-aware parsing of my code to build a database of “entities” (variables, functions, files, etc.) is light-years ahead many other IDEs (which are limited to a mere textual search). The entity database is then used very effectively to present entity context, function calling trees, type of reference (read vs write, call vs called), relationships and dependencies between files, etc. This information is presented several different ways, including as textual trees and as graphic diagrams. This greatly enhances code navigation and browsing. Understand has many other features, such as search-and-replace, bookmarks, annotations, dashboards, differencing, syntax coloring, calling trees, file dependency diagrams, architectural structuring, and more. As a professional software engineer, Understand is my first tool of choice.

Dave KelloggSenior Software EngineerRaymond Corporation

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