Understand® is an IDE built from the ground up to help you fully comprehend your source code. Analyze it, measure it, visualize it, maintain it - Understand it.

If your code is safety or mission critical or has grown larger than one person can handle, you owe it to yourself to try out Understand. Understand will help you discover exactly what your code is doing and why, and you will soon be wondering how you lived without it. Join the 20,000 other engineers that already Understand their code and try a fully functional trial now, or learn more.

The SciTools support team has always been incredibly responsive to email requests; they’ve even followed up months after the fact to inform me that a feature I asked about had been released. The right-click context menus in Understand are so feature-rich that even a user completely unfamiliar with the program can quickly begin to analyze code very productively. Just the code navigation features of Understand alone are more than enough to justify its frequent use in our analysis; we haven’t even scratched the surface of its API.

Chris RucinskiComputer ScientistElysium Digital

About SciTools

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