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We believe in empowering programmers.

We create tools that are exciting to us because they help us, and all programmers, to visualize and understand code at a deeper level than ever before. We have been making powerful software tools for developers since 1996 and the founding team has been in the industry since 1986.

We take pride in building advanced coding tools, continually enhancing our products, and creating new tools to support programmers. We do this by implementing feedback from the thousands of software developers and engineers around the globe who use our products on a daily basis. It is this focus on continuous improvement that has made our source code comprehension and management software truly awesome.

Our dedicated support team: Kevin, Kyle, and Heidi. If you reach out, one of these fine looking engineers will be in touch!

While many companies make tools that help you develop and maintain code, we are committed to making it possible to actually visualize and understand your code. We believe that when you can see how your source code functions and understand its development, you will be much more capable of maintaining, refactoring, or reverse-engineering it. This is particularly useful when dealing with large projects, legacy code, or undocumented spaghetti code.

With cross-platform compatibility and multi-language support, our tool can help nearly every software engineer. We are dedicated to helping you understand your code and our support engineers are happy to answer any questions you may have about using Understand™ to meet your needs.

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