Understand Features

Understand is your comprehensive multi-tool for development insights and code analysis

Code navigation

Quickly and efficiently move through your codebase. With features like cross-references and call trees, developers can easily locate and understand specific sections of code, improving productivity and troubleshooting.

Organize with Architectures

Rearrange your code into logical groupings, providing a structured view that allows for easy navigation and better understanding of relationships between components. Manage large codebases efficiently and streamline your development process.

Dependency analysis

Analyze dependencies between modules, classes, functions, and custom architectures. Make informed decisions regarding refactoring, optimization, and overall code organization.

Visualize with graphs

View dependency, butterfly, data flow, called by graphs and more. Customize the style of your graphs, use plugins to design your own unique graphs, or export and highlight graphs to collaborate with your team.

Compliance validation

Enforce internal coding standards and prove compliance with external standards like AUTOSAR and MISRA using CodeCheck. With extensive pre-defined code checks and the ability to write your own checks, ensure the correctness of your code and maintain compliance with ease.

Measure your code with Metrics

Understand has hundreds of cross-language industry standard software metrics built in, or use our API to create your own metrics. Metrics can be displayed visually and exported to share with your team.

Integrate your workflow with APIs

Benefit from extensive Python and Perl APIs that enable automation, custom reporting, and the development of specialized tools. Leverage the power of Understand to enhance your existing development workflows and unlock new possibilities.

Extend your reach with plugins

An extensive library of user submitted plugins lets you tailor Understand to your specific needs. Custom graphs, metrics, architectures and reports gives you unlimited options.

Seamless code editing

Our user-friendly and productive environment gives efficient editing capabilities, language support, powerful search and navigation tools, and seamless integration with other code analysis features.

Sync notes directly to your code

Annotations enhance your code documentation and collaboration. Add comments, requirements, reminders, and documentation to specific code sections, ensuring important information is easily accessible and synchronized.

Search your code

Search by entity kind, metric values, and in fields (comments, strings, identifiers). Find and replace code or automatically refactor.

Identify changes with ease

Effortlessly find and analyze differences between code versions, track changes across commits, and view detailed metrics and graphs that highlight modifications.

Untangle your code.
Download a free trial and test out all of Understand's features using a sample code base, or contact us for pricing options and a demo.

Trusted by over 20,000 developers

​“Understand accelerates my understanding of large source code repositories.”

Chris Rhodes, Senior Software Engineer
Dell Inc.

Save Time with Understand

“What would have previously taken me several days (or weeks) can now be accomplished in a matter of hours… It’s the Swiss army knife of static analysis tools.”

Randall Landaiche


​“[Understand] is good for discovering the structure of the code dependencies and call-paths... it would have taken me hours to generate the same thing on my own.”

Paul Hyland

Lockheed Martin

​“Understand accelerates my understanding of large source code repositories.”

Chris Rhodes


Understand is certified in ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and EN 50128

Understand by Scitools is certified for use as a support tool for all projects requiring ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and EN 50128 compliance.  Safety is our top priority at Scitools, our software is heavily tested and vetted before each release providing your team with a safe and secure development environment.