Static Code Analysis Done Right

The right static code analysis tool ensures code optimization and compliance with industry and organizational standards. Understand by SciTools is equipped with the right tools to ensure your code is clean, safe, and meets operational standards.

Why Choose Understand for Code Analysis?

There are a lot of static code analysis tools out there. Here's what makes Understand the right static code analysis tool for you!

Free trial, competitive pricing, and responsive support team
Customizability and features that save you time
The right tools to ensure accurate code verification
Easy integration with external tools and coding languages
Quick, real-time checks with real-time recommended fixes
Up Close and Personal

Exploring Understand's Features

Spend Less Time Searching and More Time Creating

Understand's IDE is completely customizable. This means that while using our static code analysis tool, you can arrange your information however you'd like. Sections of our IDE include the display window, previewer, metrics and information browsers, search section, and more. You work most efficiently when you're happy with your setup!

Data Visualization Like You've Never Seen Before

You understand your code, but does your boss? There's nothing like displaying your code using one of the many graphs in Understand. Butterfly, called by, and control flow graphs are only a few of the graphs available in the world of Understand. If there's one thing we love here at SciTools, it's graphs!

More Tools, More Languages, More Fun!

The luxury of integrating external tools into Understand means that your hands are never tied. Our Jenkins plugin allows users to automate tasks without missing a step. What's more, Understand contains a python API and support for many of the most common coding languages including C/C++, Java, Python, Ada, Fortran, and more.

Use CodeCheck to Verify Your Code

The foundation of static code analysis is verifying code—and ours does it automatically! Get real-time checks coupled with real-time solutions using Understand's CodeCheck feature. Seamless checks result in seamless compliance.

And there's no way around it: Code must comply. Whether with the standards of a particular industry or your own personal or organizational standards, Understand is made to catch bugs that keep your work from complying with standards. With our static code analysis tool, your code is safe, clean, and ready to go.

Save Time with Understand

“What would have previously taken me several days (or weeks) can now be accomplished in a matter of hours… It’s the Swiss army knife of static analysis tools.”

Randall Landaiche


​“[Understand] is good for discovering the structure of the code dependencies and call-paths... it would have taken me hours to generate the same thing on my own.”

Paul Hyland

Lockheed Martin

​“Understand accelerates my understanding of large source code repositories.”

Chris Rhodes


Trusted by over 20,000 developers

Customer Case Studies

Learn how software developers across different industries use Understand to accelerate their workflows.

“[Understand] has great graphing tools, metrics, reporting, data dictionary… and is customizable and extensible. It also helps you to find compile time and parsing errors.”

– USAF Software Developer

“Understand can take existing code and basically generate any design information or view you would want to see, in addition to performing several useful types of analyses.”

– Jason Bold, Sr. Software Eng.

​“Understand is a tremendous reverse engineering tool... with excellent metrics reporting and evolving standards verification capability.”

– Pratt & Whitney Software Developer

​“Understand™ is good for discovering the structure of the code dependencies and call-paths... it would have taken me hours to generate the same thing on my own, and I would not have had near as much confidence in my own work (assurance that I understood the code correctly).”

– Paul Hyland, Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin

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