A butterfly graph is one of many graphs in Understand that provides a visual representation of your code.

What Makes Our Static Analysis Tool Unique?

Understand maintains a high level of effectiveness by deploying a dynamic set of tools that ensure accuracy, customizability, integration and automation, and more.

Proven toolset to ensure project optimization
Free trial and competitive pricing
Responsive support team that cares
Why Choose Understand?

It's a Proven Static Code Analysis Tool

Avoid False Positives and False Negatives

The most important component of any effective static code analysis tool is accuracy. Understand identifies bugs and suggests solutions. On top of that, our customizable IDE makes navigating your project easier than ever!

Multi-Language Support to Accommodate Your Coding Style

Understand supports over a dozen languages and frameworks, making it easy to use for nearly all users. Still don't see what your looking for? Our team releases regular updates, so simply let us know what you want to see and we'll get started on adding it to our tool!

Accurate Analysis in a Timely Manner

A good static code analysis tool doesn't keep you waiting. Understand gives you the results of your code check within a reasonable amount of time to keep you on track and on schedule.

Integration and Automation, Regular Updates, and Compliance with Industry Standards

Understand is a great multi-tool choice for any engineer. Its diverse capabilities offers integration and automation with other tools, such as Jenkins, allowing you to get the most out of your resources. Our team regularly releases updates, so Understand is always evolving into something better. It also comes loaded with published industry standards such as AUTOSAR, MISRA, and C++. If you're looking for a tool that does it all, look no further than Understand!

Save Time with Understand

“What would have previously taken me several days (or weeks) can now be accomplished in a matter of hours… It’s the Swiss army knife of static analysis tools.”

Randall Landaiche


​“[Understand] is good for discovering the structure of the code dependencies and call-paths... it would have taken me hours to generate the same thing on my own.”

Paul Hyland

Lockheed Martin

​“Understand accelerates my understanding of large source code repositories.”

Chris Rhodes


Trusted by over 20,000 developers

Customer Case Studies

Learn how software developers across different industries use Understand to accelerate their workflows.

“[Understand] has great graphing tools, metrics, reporting, data dictionary… and is customizable and extensible. It also helps you to find compile time and parsing errors.”

– USAF Software Developer

“Understand can take existing code and basically generate any design information or view you would want to see, in addition to performing several useful types of analyses.”

– Jason Bold, Sr. Software Eng.

​“Understand is a tremendous reverse engineering tool... with excellent metrics reporting and evolving standards verification capability.”

– Pratt & Whitney Software Developer

​“Understand™ is good for discovering the structure of the code dependencies and call-paths... it would have taken me hours to generate the same thing on my own, and I would not have had near as much confidence in my own work (assurance that I understood the code correctly).”

– Paul Hyland, Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin

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