Our Belief

We believe in empowering programmers to excel. We create tools that are exciting to us because they help us, and all programmers, to understand and visualize their code at a deeper level than ever before so they can produce flawless code efficiently.

SciTools (aka Scientific Toolworks Inc. or STI) has been making powerful, easy-to-use software tools for developers since 1996, and the founding team has been in the business since 1986. Our tools help software programmers understand, document and maintain their software. As programmers ourselves, our philosophy has always been to produce tools that we would like to use and that would make us more productive. In fact, we use our products on a daily basis in our own work.


Our Product

We take pride in making software tools that give users the most functionality for reasonable cost, and are constantly improving our products to increase their value. We release new builds of our product weekly, enhancing our tools according to customer feedback. Scitools’ products are known for their fast handling of large amounts of code, and simple uncluttered interfaces that provide quick, easy access to information.

Understand, Our flagship application, is actually a set of sophisticated static analysis tools that help programmers measure, decipher, reengineer and maintain their source code, and easily handles very large (over 1 million SLOC) bodies of code.


Our People

We come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and are part of the company because we enjoy working with code or working in the software industry. Our combined talents make us an energetic and highly flexible team, putting customer service and satisfaction at the top of our priority list. We take care of customers the way we like to be treated — no hassle, low noise, and high-end care. Customer questions are answered quickly, often almost immediately, and support requests are frequently answered by the company’s lead officers and engineers.

We hire infrequently and not based on need to do a given job, but instead to bring in somebody we want to work with. We look for smart people with Computer Science degrees who are easy to get along with. Life is too short to work with folks who are hard to work with (even if brilliant.) Smart and amiable? Send us your resume.

Our work environment is pretty flexible so getting everyone together for a group shot is tricky. Here are a couple attempts.

employees1 IMG_3506_small


Our Location

We are based in St. George, UT, which is in the Southwest corner of Utah, near the Arizona and Nevada borders. It is the home of Zion National Park.

Great Landscape in Zion National Park,Utah,USA



Our Corporate Structure

Scientific Toolworks Inc. is a privately held corporation incorporated in the state of Delaware, United States of America.