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At the beginning of July we released Understand 2.0. It represented the culmination of about 3 years of work where we maintained and improved Understand 1.4 while simultenously developing a brand new version of Understand.

Our goal for 2.0 was to make a tool that is a “must have” if you are maintaining code (and who isn’t??). 

Understand 2.0 has a totally re-written GUI with modern GUI conveniences. It enhances our leading capabilities in code understanding/maintenance with new features like the “Entity Explorer” and vast improvements to our existing ways of telling you about your code.

You can now analyze any language we support together using “combined language analysis”. If Java calls C and then C calls Ada, Understand 2.0 can follow the chain.

It has a much improved programmers editor with code completion, macros, foldable structure bars and dozens of other improvements. 

Understand 2.0 also introduces key new capabilities  not available in any other tool. Things like Architecture, continuous change knowledge, semantic change analysis, a nifty overlayed differencing tool,  automatic metrics charting/graphing, and maintenance estimation.

We are very proud of Understand 2.0. All of our engineers use it all day every day. New hires tell us “I don’t know how I programmed without it”. 

Finally, we would like to thank the thousands of Understand users that sent suggestions over the years. We take your ideas very seriously. Understand 2.0 is built to do what you asked us to have it do.  Also, many thanks go out to the few hundred users who participated in our 2.0 beta program, using sometimes flakey builds but always giving us gentle and excellent guidance. 

It’s been a long and hard three years, but I’m confident Understand 2.0  sets us up for another successful decade helping engineers maintain their code.


Ken Nelson
Scientiific Toolworks, Inc.


If you own Understand 1.4 and are under maintenance then go ahead and download Understand 2.0. You can install them together and your existing license will work. And you can run either one.

If you aren’t under maintenance, go ahead and try it for 15 days. If you like it, contact our folks and ask for a maintenance renewal quotation. They can also tell you if you are under maintenance or not.