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Beginning with Build 445 we released a new find/replace option in Understand that

can be found under Search->Replace in Files

The “find” part of “find and replace”  works exactly like “Find in Files”.

2008-05-13 13.12

Like any useful find/replace you can preview the changes. We decided to do this in context of a diff.

2008-05-13 13.13

You can accept/reject entire files, single replaces, so forth.

Note that in the middle of the diffs there are “?” marks indicating the status of that replace is not set yet:

2008-05-13 13.16

Click on the question mark to toggle it to approve. You can also do this by clicking on 2008-05-13 13.18 in the menu at the bottom.  Once accepted it turns green:

2008-05-13 13.19

To unaccept it, click on it again:

11 2008-05-13 13.19

And so on.  Once you are comfortable with the replacements you are seeing you can accept entire files, or all of them.

And then perform the replace on all accepted changes. After confirmation it does the replace.

2008-05-13 13.20