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Understand’s Information Browser provides a one stop source for virtually all available information about a given piece of source code (entity).

So where is our new Architecture information in the Information Browser?

Well, one obvious place is the Architectures field, which tells you what part of a given architecture the entity is in. 

Here we can learn, quite quickly, that the class “GenericTree” is in the “guitrees” directory, was developed by Mark F., is part of the Scitools Specific Qt Enhancements, and was modified this month:

2008-04-23 20.42

Hmmm… we learned a lot in just four lines… maybe this Architecture stuff could be useful (-:

But it gets better….  References are typically presented in file/line order:

2008-04-23 20.45

 But we can change that to factor in Architectures by clicking on the  References Field and using the “View By” menu:

122 2008-04-23 20.47

If I choose Staff, I can now see my references organized by who I have to talk to about them:

2008-04-23 20.49

Or I can organize them by Functional Decomposition so I can see a larger picture of the dependencies on this class:

2008-04-23 20.50