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With build 476 we are adding an exciting new capability to User Tools. The ability to perform operations directly in the editor. In the the User Tool configuration menu (Tools | Configure User Tools), there are two new fields, Input and Output. As you might expect, the Input field lets you select what text you want to feed into your tool, and the output field lets you choose where you want the output redirected.screenshot_15

For Input you can chose to use the selected text, the text of the entire current file, or not to use any input. You can output your results into the command output window like previous versions allowed, discard it, copy it to the clipboard, or overwrite the current selected text or file.

For example, the following would replace the word int with float in the currently highlighted text:


Yes, Find & Replace would do the same thing, it’s just an example 🙂

An example of replacing an entire file would be when using astyle to format your code. In that blog posting we had to overwrite the current file, and then reload it. Now we can feed the file text straight into the command and then the editor contents get automatically overwritten. No need to confirm the file reload every time:


As with many new Understand features, this was requested by a cutomer, we thought it was a good idea and that other people would use it, so we implemented it. If you have a good idea don’t hesitate to let us know. Just drop us an email at