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(Build b954) – 10 Aug 2018


  • Fixed crash on analysis when editing an architecture with relative paths.


  • Updated the CodeCheck treemap to allow users to double click on files and then open the "Results by File" tab and expand to that desired file with its associated violations expanded.
  • Update 3.2lineSpacingNotUsedInComments.upl to have the correct example displayed in the Description.


  • Added 'anonymous' to the short kind for anonymous classes.
  • Fixed bug where anonymous classes had an 'implements' relation to a class type appearing in a 'new' expression. Now, an 'implements' relation is created if the type is an interface and an 'extends' relation is created if the type is a class.


  • For web/Javascript, fixed bug where the import of an index.js file using the path to the directory was not working correctly.