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(Build b951) – 20 Jul 2018


  • Added -requireexplicitcheckid which will require a checkid for CodeCheck automatic ignores.
  • Added support for '*' as a valid checkID for CodeCheck Automatic Ignores. Und returns a -1 if -requireexplicitcheckid command line arg is passed in and a required checkID is not supplied in the CodeCheck Automatic Ignores.
  • Updated CodeCheck Automatic Ignores to include a warning if an invalid checkid name is used.


  • Fixed an Und issue where the \# was not functioning correctly when importing @files. This is done by escaping the # with a "\" or another "#".


  • Fixed invalid syntax error on some uses of '::new' for array creation.
  • Fixed syntax error on the use of a class nested in a generic for a type parameter bound.
  • Added support for Java 10 implicitly typed local variables.
  • Fixed crash on some uses of self-bounding generics.


  • Fixed issues in the Command Window for when a file link has a '.' in the file path besides the file name and html color not showing properly when on the same line as a file link.
  • Fixed an issue in User Tools – Command Window where python scripts would display duplicate lines under certain conditions.