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(Build b927) – 19 Feb 2018

Version 5.0


  • Version 5.0 uses our new licensing system, Helios, where you will need to create an account that will allow you to manage your own license(s). You will also need to get a Claim Code from our staff in order to use the upgraded licensing in Understand. If you are using an older license, you can continue to use it by selecting “Use Legacy Licensing” in the Licensing dialog under Options.


  • Fixed problems where unknown entities were created when ‘Analyze Changed File’ processing was used in projects that had calls to extension methods.


  • Style Unisys ‘PROC’ beginning and ending lines as comments in the editor.


  • Added support for Fortran extension ‘while (expr) do’ as start of a fortran do while loop.


  • Fixed handling of wide string literals in c lexer api.