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(Build b895) – 2 Jun 2017


  • Fixed an issue with Cluster Control Flow Graph not exporting .svg files correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Internal Dependency graph not filtering c derive, C# derive and java extend couple.


  • Updated the Java Configure Project Class Path – New Jar dialog to allow the user to add more than one .jar file at a time.


  • Fixed an issue with Metric Treemaps not potentially producing the same colors for "flat" and "group by" treemaps.
  • Added a custom scaling feature to Metric Treemaps to allow users to specify a "Min" and "Max" number. This allows for easier comparison between different projects and allows for a nice before and after picture with the same scale used.


  • Fixed a problem where some occurances of <![CDATA[ in xml files caused syntax errors.
  • Fixed a syntax error in javascript when an embedded script line begins with <!–//–>.
  • Fixed several javascript parse issues.
  • Fixed a problem where some counts of embedded javascript lines were one less than they should have been.