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(Build b892) – 12 May 2017


  • Updated MISRA 2012 rule 16.3, MISRA 2008 rule 6-4-5, MISRA 2004 rule 15.2, and All Check script uncomditionalStatementShallTerminateNonEmptySwitchClauses.upl to use the Control Flow Graph for scanning switch statements.


  • Updated Find in Files to allow for event processing when there is an insanely large line being searched and styled.


  • Fixed C++ fuzzy parser to handle massive numbers of repeat using clauses within namespaces.


  • Updated the Scope List to open automatically if it was open when Understand was closed last.


  • Fixed a couple of issues with Python 3.6 variable type hints.
  • Added support for Python 3.6 'async' keyword in additional contexts, and for multi-line f-strings. Made change to allow 'yield' statement in f-strings. Also, fixed several syntax issues.
  • Fixed syntax error on some uses of '**' and '*' in dictionary/set creation.