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(Build b890) – 28 Apr 2017


  • Fixed a bug in MISRA 2012 rule 21.2 and All Check script CPP_I016_reservedIdentifiersMacrosAndFunctionsShallNotBeDeclared where range based loops were not handled correctly.
  • Expanded the CodeCheck Results by File – Check Name column to allow for easier reading of the check name.
  • Fixed an issue in CodeCheck UndCC_NextLine() where only one parameter (checkID) was being recognized.


  • Updated Configure Project – Files dialog to include a right click "Expand All" and "Collapse All" menu option for directories.


  • Fixed an issue with the Web Php function butterfly graph callbys were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed bug when creating a large number of graph files from a script.


  • Made changes to make symbol information from several .pyd files in the Python Dlls directories available to the Python parser.


  • Updated the File Contents report to show nested classes.


  • Fixed sysroot option on Linux.
  • Fixed failure to detect headers by include when using named roots.