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(Build b889) – 22 Apr 2017


  • Fixed crash on analysis after the annotation dialog has been opened.
  • Fixed an issue with Annotation filtering where the filter could possibly give an "Annotations loading error" message.


  • Fixed bug where syntax error at end of file gave incorrect line/column number.


  • Fixed a bug in MISRA 2012 rule 5.3, MISRA 2008 rule 2-10-2, and MISRA 2004 rule 5.2 and All Check script scopeHiding.upl where variables defined in for loop condition weren't treated correctly.


  • Fixed parser crash when a directory in a project is deleted from disk, but not removed from the project, and an analyze changed files command is executed.
  • Added parser option to suppress warning messages for import statements that appear in try-except blocks.
  • Removed warning messages for imports of modules available only as .pyd files.


  • Fixed an issue with the Refactor Rename tool not finding all of the entity references correctly.
  • Fixed the Refactor Extract Function to correctly pass the ~ in C++.