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(Build b881) – 17 Mar 2017


  • Add support for set and modify references in 1750A Assembly parser.


  • Updated MISRA 2012 rule 8.6, MISRA 2008 rule 0-1-10, All Check script identifierWithExternalLinkageOneDefinition.upl, All Check script definedFunctionsCalled.upl, and Scitools Recommended Check definedFunctionsCalled.upl to exclude the C++ standard library.
  • Updated MISRA 2012 rule 20.13 and All Check script validPreprocessingDirective.upl to have an option to ignore GCC directives.
  • Updated MISRA 2012 directive 4.4 to include the closest entity name to violation.
  • Updated library code checks to test for a definition before throwing a violation.
  • Fixed bug in All Check script pointersMustBeInitialized.upl where multiplication inside an array declaration triggered a false positive.
  • Fixed a bug in MISRA 2008 rule 7-3-6 and All Check script usingDirectiveDeclarationsNotInHeaderFiles.upl where define a template in a namespace could cause a false positive.
  • Updated the CodeCheck result treemap to allow for image export.


  • Instant search, Show search results after clicking on an item in the suggestion popup list.


  • Made changes so that inactive lines are shown in the editor.
  • Fixed problem where some metrics were missing for modules.
  • Made change to purge dll file information from the database when dll files are removed from the reference list.
  • Added support for Const and If,Elseif,Else,Endif directives.