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(Build b869) – 16 Dec 2016


  • Updated to check for a new/modified annotation file and load it if changed.


  • Fixed a Perl API issue where architecture depends Value was not returning the correct references when a key was passed in.
  • Fix Basic not being identified as the current language when querying from the perl API.


  • Made changes to allow syntax variations with '#include' for including files and 0x… for hex literals.
  • Made change to allow syntax variation with 'external' on a variable declaration.
  • Made change to create procedure entities from initialization and finalization blocks in Delphi Units. This allows line, statement, and complexity metrics to be collected for these code blocks, and for control flow graphs to be generated. Compleixity metrics were removed from Delphi Units since these metrics were always 0.
  • Fixed parse error on some expressions.


  • Added Abstract Class kind.
  • Made changes to implement the 'Dynamic Resolve, Assume nearest matches' option. This turns on/off resolving attribute references to attributes defined in the same file or imported files. This option is off by default which differs from the prior behavior.


  • Fixed an issue in "Run a Command" where quotes were being lost when the command was run a second time from the Command Window run button.


  • Fixed crash on View Information on unknown entities.