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(Build b826) – 10 Feb 2016


  • Fixed a bug in MISRA 2012 rules 5.2 and 5.3, MISRA 2008 rule 2-10-2, MISRA 2004 rule 5.2 and All Check script identifiersDistinctInScope.upl and scopeHiding.upl where certain file endings were not handled correctly.
  • Updated MISRA 2012 rule 8.3, MISRA 2008 rule 3-2-1, MISRA 2004 rule 8.3, and All Check scripts allDeclarationsOfAnObjectShallHaveCompatibleTypes.upl to properly handle functional MACRO expansion.
  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 0-1-4 and All Check script singleUseVariables.upl to not test template parameters.


  • Fixed crash on override definition.


  • UML Sequence Diagram updated to show the defined in instead of the parent (if valid).
  • Updated the UML Sequence Diagram Visio export to fix an issue with malformed Visio code.


  • Add support for displaying scopes in assembly files.