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(Build b821) – 15 Jan 2016


  • Added new 'end body' relations for ends of program unit bodies. Made declare relations for '' statements 'declare body' relations.


  • Fixed a bug in missingParameterName.upl where a false positive was thrown when a std::array object was used as a parameter.
  • Updated HIS 01 and CommentCodeRatio.upl to have an option to run on either per file or per function.
  • Updated unusedLocal.upl to ignore __range local object that's created during a range based loop.
  • Updated MISRA 2004 rule 16.3, All Check script allFuncParamsNamed.upl and the library to utilize entities for more accurate parameter parsing.


  • Updated Und to include an -exitstatus (lowercase) command line parameter for CodeCheck. This will override the errorlevel returned by Und with the CodeCheck violation count.


  • Added Scopes List support for basic, cobol, javascript, php, plm, vhdl and xml.


  • Updated the UML Sequence Diagram to display the function filename instead of the function name in the lifeline header. The activation/click lifeline header will be for the file as well (not the function).


  • Updated with configurable flag options for testing local objects used across multiple program units.


  • Don't show watched directories that are empty because all of their contents are excluded.
  • Added project settings page to manage CMake compile command databases.
  • Add CMake compile command databases as synced project files.


  • Fixed missing define reference to exception catch variable decls defined inside of lambdas.


  • Changed 'end' references to 'end body' for package and subprogram body declarations.