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(Build b815) – 12 Dec 2015


  • Fixed bugs in api lexer when handling c++ macro expansion.


  • Fixed bug in MISRA 2008 rule 0-1-7 and All Check script discardedReturnValues.upl where a preprocessing #if was being treated as a standard if statement.
  • Updatd MISRA 2008 rule 8-5-1 and All Check script variablesShallHaveValueBeforeUsed.upl to not test template parameters.
  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 3-2-3, MISRA 2004 8.8, and All Check scripts typeObjectOrFunctionShallBeDeclaredOnce.upl and extDeclareOneFile.upl to not run on Implicit declarations.
  • Updated missingParameterName.upl to correctly handle templated parameters.
  • Updated MISRA 2004 rule 16.3 and All Check script allFuncParamsNamed.upl to ignore =delete and =default delcarations.


  • Add support for @ extension in MPLAB XC8 compiler support.
  • Add support for Renesas RL78 C++ compiler.


  • Updated the bottom layout area to function exactly like the left layout area (saves and restores correctly instead of grouping on startup).
  • IReport Modify the API Info Interactive Report to print entity names as objects that can be interacted with.


  • Added generic type arguments to type text for variables and parameters.


  • Add support for MaxNesting metric in c++ classes.


  • Fixed Ent.refs() signature in class summary to mention 'unique' parameter.


  • Fixed an issue with changing the Find in Files dialog to the Directory setting failing to resize properly.
  • Updated the Find in Files dock/drawer to close the dock on Esc if a dock and close the drawer on Esc if a drawer.


  • Fixed header resolve errors when headers are found in the working directory or when the input character encoding is different from the system encoding.