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(Build b805) – 10 Oct 2015


  • Fixed invalid syntax error when using 'as <type>' in a conditional expression.


  • Fixed bug in MISRA 2008 rule 16-1-1, MISRA 2204 rule 19.14 and All Check script definedPreProcessorOperatorTwoStandardForms.upl where chained defined operators inside a larger marcro defintions was not handled correctly.
  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 18-4-1 and All Check script noDynamicMemory.upl to allow for C++ 11 method and constructor delete.
  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 8-4-4, MISRA 2004 rule 16.9 and All Check script functionIdentifierShallBeUsedToCallOrAddress.upl to correctly handle member functions and functions defined within a namespace.


  • Updated the Und dependencies export 'longnoroot' and 'root' format to export the correct root.


  • Fixed possible crash in auto-indent within C/C++ preprocessor conditionals.


  • Updated the Favorites 'New Favorites' dialog to have focus on the line edit box.
  • Updated Favorite Groups to select the next item in the list after removing the currently selected item.


  • Add Understand icon to the install directory to make shortcuts easier to create.
  • Fixed invalid prompt to save modified editors after canceling the project configuration dialog.


  • Fixed a case sensitivity Windows issue with the 'Browse for Missing Includes' dialog.
  • Fixed file encoding override copy/paste.


  • Fixed failure to remember override settings for C/C++ language standard and sysroot when changed from the settings dialog.
  • Fixed C/C++ language standard override copy/paste.
  • Recognize 'h++' as a header extension.