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(Build b802) – 26 Sep 2015


  • Added MISRA 2012 rule 15.4 and MISRA 2004 rule 14.6 to Code Check. Also updated MISRA 2008 rule 6-6-4 and All Check script noMoreThanOneBreakOrGoto.upl to be more accurate and robust.
  • Added MISRA 2012 rule 15.7 to Code Check.
  • Added MISRA 2012 rule 15.5 to Code Check.


  • Fixed an issue with Und not adding include paths with environment variables correctly on windows.


  • Added support for National Instruments LabWindows/CVI compiler to fuzzy c++ parser.


  • Added control flow graphs for Jovial.
  • Added api lexers for Jovial.


    • Updated Mac SDL licensing so that it will not be overwritten on future updates.


    • Added automatic detection of available Apple SDKs on Mac.
    • Fixed regression in showing Windows-specific options in target settings.
    • Downgrade unqualified pointer to member function error to a warning in MSVC compatibility mode.
    • Enable modules by default for Objective-C files.
    • Added better support for blocks.
    • Fixed possible crash on bit field expressions that don't evaluate to an integer constant.
    • Added C++14 language standard options to the configuration panel.