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(Build b796) – 15 Aug 2015


  • Updated the orphaned annotations to allow the user to right click the annotation or to double click the orphan annotation detail and set the filter text.


  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 6-5-3 and All Check script loopCounterShallNotBeModified.upl to be more accurate.
  • Fixed bug in MISRA 2004 rule 14.10 and All Check script danglingElse.upl where an else if statement that ended with preprocessing directives would not properly detect the dangling else.
  • Fixed a bug where MISRA 2012 rule 8.7 and All Check script noExternalLinkageUnlessExternal.upl where unresolved objects were being tested for parents.


  • Fixed an issue in Und where settings -override_c++Includes commands were crashing.


  • Fixed intermittent instant search indexer crash.


  • Fixed several saved macro expansion text issues.