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(Build b795) – 10 Aug 2015


  • Fixed possible crash on attempt to parse binary files as Ada source.


  • Fixed crashes in Annotation Orphan management.
  • Fixed an Annotation issue when searching annotations and including orphans.


  • Updated MISRA 2004 rule 13.3, MISRA 2008 rule 6-2-2 and AllCheck script testingEqualityInFloatingPointValues.upl to also test for !=
  • Updated namespaceNamingConvention.upl to include a configurable option for file names and line numbers.
  • Updated CodeCheck result to sync when visiting the source code.
  • Updated MISRA 2004 rules 20.10 and 20.11 as well as MISRA 2008 rules 18-0-2, 18-0-3 and 18-0-5 to include a configurable option to allow more than one violation per file.
  • Fixed a bug in pointersMustBeInitialized.upl where pointers were not being tested unless the option box was checked.
  • Updated MISRA 2004 rule 6.5, MISRA 2008 rule 9-6-4 and AllCheck script signedBitFieldsUseful.upl to include the Fuzzy Only tag.
  • Fixed bug in MISRA 2004 rule 20.6 and AllCheck script noOffsetof.upl where not all references to forbidden macro were being checked.
  • Fixed bug in MISRA 2008 rule 3-1-2 where functions declared within another function were not being flagged as violations.
  • Fixed bug in MISRA 2004 rule 20.7 and MISRA 2008 rule 17-0-5 where setjmp macro usage was not properly detected.


  • Fixed possible crash on startup or other interference with editor configuration from a local Lua installation with the LUA_PATH environment variable set.


  • Fixed a Linux issue where the Project – Configure “Add a file” dialog was not always filtering correctly.
  • Fix to the Mac “Preferences” to be modal – keeps the application wide keybindings from activating when editing them in the Tools – Options/Preferences – Keybindings page.
  • Fixed a Linux issue of not being able to add an extensionless file during Project Settings – Add File dialog.


  • Add options to UML Class diagram to change layout direction and colorize edges for better visibility.
  • Potential fix for an issue in the Cluster Control Flow graphs.


  • For assembly, fixed possible crash in parse when Assembly is selected as a language but no assembly files are in the project.


  • For Pascal/Delphi, fixed bug where some relations could be missing from include files.
  • For Pascal/Delphi, fixed bug where line count metrics for some include files were zero instead of the actual count value.


  • Added simple interface to recursively search a directory for frameworks.