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(Build b794) – 1 Aug 2015


  • Fixed regressions in detecting the source file in some compile commands.
  • Fixed library link paths on Mac.


  • Fixed bug where use of 'endprocedure' and 'endsubmodule' in fixed format files caused the creation of invalid local variables.
  • Fixed bug in fixed format files where reference column numbers were incorrect when multiple semicolon separated statements appeared on a single line. These statements also appeared incorrectly in the control flow graph.
  • Made change to create an unknown module when a submodule's parent is not found.
  • Added support for Fortran 2008 lock and unlock statements.
  • Added intrinsics08.txt file with list of intrinsic functions and modules for Fortran 2008. Added some missing names to the Fortran 2003 instrinsics file.
  • Improved handling of unknown types. All unknown types with the same name now merge into a single entity instead of generating a separate entity for each referencing program entity.


  • Fixed an issue where the Info Browser – Visit Next and Visit Previous would not leave the focus of a released window.
  • Save-All toolbar button now displays properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Navigator not marking unsaved edited files with "*" correctly.


  • Fixed an issue in almtest where ToGo debug info was showing unnecessarily.


  • Fixed bug where the line break was sometimes missing after the first line of an html object cross ref item.


  • Find in Files – Updated to dynamically resize the height of the dialog depending upon the "Find In" selection.
  • Find in Files – Open Files – Fixed to use the File Types field correctly.