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(Build b792) – 18 Jul 2015


  • Wrap Annotations in hover text in editor.


  • Fixed bug in MISRA 2004 rule 8.8 and corresponding All Check script where declaration of namespaces was not ignored.
  • In Codecheck Checks Panel, wrap the "Detailed Description: File\Path\…" label when it exceeds the width of the window.
  • Updated the Ignored Violations to display the notes as a column and allow for word wrap.
  • In Code Check Checks view, allow columns to be user-resized.
  • Added next page and previous page shortcuts to the codecheck window that can be set under tools->options->keybindings->codecheck.
  • Fixed a bug in MISRA 2008 rule 11-0-1 and it's corresponding All Check script where a POD class was treated as a Non-POD class.


  • Only show indent file and indent selection options in files that support it.
  • Fix custom architectures to remember file entities when project portability changes.
  • Fix editor hover text for unknown functions to match info browser for the parameters and return type.
  • Add a right click menu option for c macros without a define reference to define/change the project value.
  • Possible fix for issue, editor tab tooltips sometimes missing.


  • Update to log usage and provide various reporting tables and graph.


  • Almstatus – Updated the -b attribute to include the CheckedOut and CheckedIn status numbers. Also updated the -? (help) to detail the -b csv format.
  • Almhostid – Updated to include a -s to show all almhostid's including duplicates. Fixed the Almhostid descriptions that were incomplete or absent.


  • For Delphi Pascal, fixed invalid syntax error parsing some nested type declarations.
  • For Pascal, fixed crash on parsing units with the same name as the containing namespace.


  • Remember Project Browser File Sync checkbox state when Understand closes and reopens.


  • Fixed Project Browser and Information Browser resize when showing incremental search.