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(Build b791) – 10 Jul 2015


  • Make the add/edit Annotations dialog non-modal. If a reparse invalidates the entity (or the scope for the line), then the Annotations cannot be saved.


  • Added an option to wrap Annotations at a given column, available under tools->options->editor->advanced settings.
  • Show error message for crash on startup from missing or invalid configuration files (instead of silently failing).


  • Fixed bug in fixed format files where use of a double word keyword sometimes caused an incorrect column number for the following entity reference.
  • Make individual elements of Fortran fullname IB field clickable.
  • Add Children Information Browser field for Fortran modules.
  • Add Parent Information Browser field for Fortran submodules.
  • Fixed some syntax errors parsing Fortran 2008 submodules in fixed format files.


  • Fix crash on import architecture from xml for xml files with extra spaces in the listed entities.


  • Fixed an issue where almhostid did not show on Mac/Linux. Also added the stop server for Mac/Linux.


  • Almhostid – removed duplicate host ids.


  • Fixed an issue in Find in Files / Replace in Files dialog to allow users to resize the dialog on the Mac.