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(Build b790) – 3 Jul 2015


  • Fix crash in line annotations saving non-project file.


  • In Codecheck Check List, select check when checkbox is clicked.


  • Change editor tab tool tip to show absolute path.
  • Fixed hang on auto-indent after an unmatched closing parentheses.


  • Added support for Fortran 2008 submodules.
  • Added support for Fortran 2008 'impure' attribute.
  • Fixed bug where routines with explicit interface declarations had incorrect values for line counts, complexity, and paths.
  • Fixed bug where local entity created for a renaming 'use only' declaration was given the kind 'function' when a variable was renamed.


  • Save changes to window positions and favorites as they occur.
  • Allow changing project portability and named roots from New Project Wizard.
  • Add a gui export option for macros and includes.
  • Save project information about open editors whenever an editor is open or closed.
  • In Gui for C# Reference File Alias List, allow named roots and convert files to project add mode.
  • Add a sync check box to the metrics browser.


  • Added an "Inverse Selection" option for graphs. The option must be given a keybinding under tools->options->keybindings->graph window to be used.


  • Add Parent IB field for Fortran submodules.
  • Add Children IB field for Fortran modules.


  • Make licenseserver binary executable on linux by default.


  • For Project Settings that use file paths (includes, imports, and such):
  • – Check those settings for named roots in Missing Named Roots dialog.
  • – Add c++ frameworks, python imports, and assembly includes to the settings that follow project add mode.
  • – Don't remove values with unknown NamedRoots (fixes bug where adding a named root from und removed any settings with unknown name root.)
  • – Follow project add mode where possible when editing the following settings from und: assembly includes, cpp auto includes, cpp includes, cpp frameworks, fortran includes, java class paths, pascal includes, python import paths, file override cpp auto includes, file override cpp includes, file override cpp frameworks, file override fortran includes, file override pascal includes.
  • Show absolute file path in tooltips in project browser.
  • Make Project Browser sort by file extension case insensitive on windows.
  • For Project Settings that use file paths (includes, imports, and such):
  • Fix case where removing file from project browser while project browser was sorted by file extension scrolled to the next file alphabetically instead of to the next file by file extension.