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(Build b789) – 29 Jun 2015


  • Fix some line annotation weirdness.
  • Fix some line annotation issues on file save.


  • Fixed line count metrics for lines containing both code and comments in free format.


  • Added option to print form feed inline instead of starting a new page.
  • Fixed printing issues in files containing control characters.


  • Fixed bug where reference information following 'end enum' was sometimes incorrect. Also, added support for Cray Fortran extension where enums can be named.


  • Added a key bindings page for graphs.
  • Fix issue with Show Inter Child Edges Default not applying to the collapsed start entity/architecture when the graph is first generated.
  • Fixed failure to activate some new graph windows when the option to sort tabs alphabetically is enabled.
  • Remove progress bars for graphs because of window resizing issues. Instead, show busy cursor when the mouse is over a graph that is still generating.
  • Show python class attributes in UML class diagram when showing class details.
  • Allow UML Class Diagram to be generated from a Python package.


  • Check for binary content before trying to analyze a file.