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(Build b786) – 19 Jun 2015


  • Show Annotations in hover text in graphs.


  • Fixed comment line counts in free format mode.


  • Added MISRA 2012 Directive 4.3 to Code Check.
  • Added MISRA 2012 Directive 4.4 to Code Check.
  • Added MISRA 2012 Directive 4.5 to Code Check and updated language on MISRA 2012 Directive 4.4.
  • Updated MISRA 2004 rule 8.10 and All Check script staticLinkageWhenPossible.upl to ignore private methods.
  • Updated identifierWithExternalLinkageOneDefinition.upl and MISRA 2012 rule 8.6 to have an option to ignore the standard library.
  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 4-5-3 and All Check script charShallBeUsedWithAppropriateOperators.upl to ignore Use Cast references.
  • Updated noDefinitionsHeader.upl and noExternalLinkageUnlessExternal.upl to have options for ignoring const in header file.
  • Upgraded MISRA 2012 rule 8.6 and corresponding All Check to properly handle Templates.
  • Updated MISRA 2012 rule 8.3, MISRA 2004 rule 8.3 and corresponding All Check script to properly handle arrays.
  • Updated uninitialized_objects.upl to ignore class data members.
  • Upgraded MISRA 2008 rule 9-3-2 to ignore methods that don’t return by pointer or reference.


  • In the editor, for Fortran, treat “procedure” as a keyword to fix folds.
  • Fixed failure to print inactive line backgrounds white when the options to print black or color on white are selected.


  • Added support for Fortran 2008 ‘critical’ construct.
  • Added support for names on Fortran 2008 block statements and the ‘mold’ option on allocate statements.


  • Connect mouse back and forward buttons to previewer window history.
  • Double click in previewer opens in editor.


  • Change Graph Customizer Panel to a toolbar.
  • Remember open graphs.
  • Add an option to the Cluster Control Flow Graph to layout horizontally.
  • Added a Show Edges Between Children Default right click menu option to toggle the default. Nodes that are expanded by default (such as the initial node in an internal dependencies diagram) show inter child edges initially regardless of the setting. Note that changing defaults only affects nodes that are using the defaults (i.e. not customized) and so restore defaults may need to be called to affect the entire graph.
  • Fix issue with cluster control flow Visio export truncating lines with “<“.
  • Made changes in control flow graph to handle Fortran 2008 exit statements that exit any enclosing named construct.


  • Possible fix for crash on resolve that occurred in the info browser from annotations.


  • Fixed an issue with Understand trying to use a floating license and exceeding the checkout license number. “Maintenance Expired” message is shown on the client though the maintenance isn’t expired.


  • Change the name of the “Import” report to “Imports” in the gui to match und.


  • Fix typo in sample script.


  • Add Packages filter for Python entities.


  • Fixed bug where the use of tabs in Php files resulted in truncated text in the control flow diagram.