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(Build b785) – 14 Jun 2015


  • Fix Remove All to work for line annotations.


  • Fixed bug where notDefinitionsHeader.upl was not ignoring Template Functions.
  • Fixed typo in magic number checks.
  • Shortened the CodeCheck tab name and many of the graph tab names.
  • Updated inlineFunctionsInClass.upl to ignore anything that is not a function.
  • Fix error on undefined function definition in External Identifiers Shall Be Distinct check.
  • Updated variableNamingConvention.upl to treat pointer to const and const pointers correctly.
  • Updated unusedLocal to have an option for parameters.
  • Fixed an issue where moving columns in the Results by File and Results by Check windows in CodeCheck causes the text to overlap.
  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 7-1-2 and parameterShallBeDeclaredAsConst.upl to ignore parameters that are passed by value.


  • Added the number of files added to the und add build.log message.


  • Fixed error where some Framework 4 dll files did not load correctly, resulting in 'unknown' entities and incorrect values for metrics CountDeclMethodAll and CountClassCoupled.


  • Added support for Fortran 2008 block construct.
  • Added support for Fortran 2008 sync statements.
  • Added support for Fortran 2008 codimension and contiguous statements.
  • For Fortran 2008, made changes to allow multiple type-bound procedures to be defined in one statement.
  • Added support for Fortran 2008 Do Concurrent statement.


  • Improve fuzzy c++ parser handling of function declarations with unknown types.


  • Fixed an issue of not cancelling the New Project dialog when you have a project open, with a changed, unsaved file and cancelling the save file dialog.
  • Re-aligned the second column in Bookmarks to ignore the file name and shift next to the line numbers.
  • Fixed Scheduler Options to reset settings when the option dialog is cancelled.


  • Have the CIS Information browsers refresh the annotations field as needed.


  • For c#, fixed bug where event and indexer accessors were not counted in the containing class's CountDeclMethod metrics.


  • Add index for sample perl scripts.


  • Add support for php comment collection.


  • Fix error where extract function refactor tool garbled some unicode strings.
  • Fix error with extract function refactor tool when text contained %.


  • Revert hiding empty entity filter categories because of performance regression.


  • Fixed occasional bogus references to entities referenced in default argument initializers.