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(Build b781) – 15 May 2015


  • In Und, change the name of the Import report to Imports to avoid name conflict with the command import.


  • Fix an issue where the Eclipse plugin failed to analyze when a graph was open. (To apply fix, you must update the Eclipse plugin from the update site).


  • Improved handling of macros defined in inactive regions in fuzzy C++ parser.


  • Fix for crash in previewer window that sometimes occurred on reparse.
  • Fix some translation issues in annotations dialogue, application styles settings page, and previewer.
  • Changed the icon in tools->options->User Interface to a user, and removed icons for the sub pages to make it consistent with the rest of the dialogue.


  • Add support for Java and C# for uml sequence diagrams.
  • Fix cluster control flow graph bug that showed all nodes even when hide nodes with no highlighted edges was checked.
  • Fix issue with styled labels in cluster control flow graphs repeating the first character for each node in Python.


  • Fix possible crash on view information.