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(Build b779) – 8 May 2015


  • Change option layout for Control Character check.


  • Added the ability to annotate a line. Line annotations are tied to the scope entity where possible and are updated on reparse, opening a file, and saving a file. Externally modified files can be reparsed to restore the annotations to the correct areas. Annotations that belong to lines after the last line in the file are moved to the last line of the file. Line annotations may be orphaned if the scope entity is removed, and are handled the same as other orphans.


  • Moved the “Save Released Window Positions” and the “Clear Saved Window Positions” to Tools – Options – User Interface – Windows. Also only enable the “Clear Saved Window Positions” button when there are saved window positions.


  • Added a Show Legend option to cluster control flow graphs (off by default).
  • Allow Cluster Control Flow Graphs to be generated from the API. (Note: styled text is NOT available from the API).
  • For C#, Java, Php, and Python, Changed the control flow graphs for try-catch-finally statements that contain exits to more accurately reflect the actual control flow.
  • Added a Show Deferred Edges option to cluster control flow graphs (off by default).


  • Almstatus now displays the server build number in the results.
  • Fixed an issue of getting the “No Valid License” error when Escaping (Esc key) out of the license Setup Dialog. Esc now performs the same action as the Cancel button.


  • For C#, Java, Php, and Python, fixed incorrect essential complexity value for some instances of routines with exits from try-catch-finally statements.


  • Added control flow graph.