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(Build b777) – 24 Apr 2015


  • Fixed bug where the essential complexity was incorrect for some routines with goto statements inside try-catch-finally statements. Also, in the control flow graph for these routines, duplicate deferred-goto links are no longer displayed.


  • Made changes to add dimension text to variable type text.
  • Fixed a bug where an include inside an interface block caused a syntax error.


  • Added an application-wide color scheme panel under tools->options->user interface->application styles. Changed windows such as find in files results and the analysis log to follow the application style rather than have specific settings. Users can match the application styles to current editor settings.
  • hiding the vertical headers in the manage architectures tables since they don’t contain any information and appear bright against dark backgrounds.
    changing explore entities initial window to be the alternate row color instead of yellow so that it doesn’t clash with dark backgrounds.
    set row indentation for tree views and alternating row colors for other views through the style sheet so that it applies to everything.

  • Change C++ Class Names editor style to include all tag type names (struct, union, and enum).
  • Added a Previewer window (View->Previewer) that is basically an editor window that can be synced. The window can also be set to be used by default when going to a reference, and has it’s own history. Also, made view information (hotkey or menu click) trigger a sync.


  • Added a right click menu option to show legend for graphs with custom styling (architecture dependency graphs, cluster call graphs, and relationship graphs).
  • Improve graph search to better handle newlines caused by wrapped text. Also, improve graph search highlighting for regular expression searches and cluster control flow graphs to highlight the correct number of characters in the correct location.
  • Made cluster control flow graph node backgrounds and default node foregrounds follow editor style when styled labels is on.
  • Added an include virtual edges option for call/callby relationship graphs. Unlike cluster call graphs, relationship graphs only show virtual edges as a different color if set to do so under tools->options->graphs.


  • Update to Floating license server to use older maintenance licenses before newer ones.
  • Updated the “Thank you for your purchase” message to be less confusing when displaying maintenance expiration days.


  • Fix Visio format in script.


  • Enabled option to ignore directory names in include directives.