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(Build b776) – 17 Apr 2015


  • Fixed parser crash in essential complexity computations for extremely large functions.


  • Fixed bug where declaration of an interface module procedure without the ‘module’ keyword caused a syntax error.
  • Fixed bug where some uses of array constructors using square brackets to enclose values caused syntax errors.
  • Added support for Fortran 2008 ‘error stop’ statement.
  • Fixed bug where declarations of ‘class(*)’ dummy arguments caused syntax errors.


  • Moved graph layout into the background for graphviz graphs generated in understand GUI (graphs generated from the API, or as part of a visio xml export are not affected). The graph window will appear and the progress bar in the upper right corner indicates that the layout is still running. The graphwindow can be closed to cancel the graph and the graph can be changed (nodes options changed / undo) which will restart the layout with the new parameters. Restored the message that informs users when the graph failed to layout. Ensure the progress bar disappears when the graph completes the layout or encounters an error during layout.


  • Fix for an issue when using almfree.exe on Windows server 2008.


  • Restore previously removed Extends Tree report; make report off by default for all new projects.


  • Fixed issues with HTML Reports Index by method name.


  • Fix bug importing projects from MSVC 2010 and later that contain multiple global preprocessor definition lines.


  • Added support for ‘use const’ and ‘use function’ statements.