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(Build b775) – 8 Apr 2015


  • Fixed an issue where Compare Entites doesn’t work when Assembly language is selected.


  • Updated several scripts to handle the C++ 11 foreach loop gracefully.
  • Fixed issue with importing exported CodeCheck ignores.


  • Add a sort by file extension option to the Selector Window.
  • Potential fix for bug in Bookmarks.


  • Fixed failure to show trailing and inline comments in control flow graph with source code hidden.
  • Fix error where use class groups checkbox and show all dependencies combo initially disappear from internal dependencies graph.
  • Fix collapsing in cluster control flow graph to have text in the right order. Remove extra newlines when showing comments and not source code for collapsed nodes.
  • Added an option for control flow graphs to show parameters with the entity name (part of the entity name submenu). Also fix error where changes through the graph menu weren’t updating the graph.


  • Fixed a license date issue when Japanese regional was selected.


  • Fixed crash on specialization of a class template with an invalid class (e.g. because of parse errors in the class definition).


  • For php, added support for argument unpacking with ‘…’.
  • For php, added support for some Php 5.6 features including use of constant expressions in contexts where scalers were formerly required, constant array definitions, variadic function definitions using ‘…’, and the new pow operator ‘**’. Also, fixed error in line count metrics for some html and javascript files.