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(Build b771) – 20 Mar 2015


  • Updated MISRA 2008 rules 3-9-2, 7-1-1, 7-1-2, 9-3-3 and their All Check counter parts to be more accurate.


  • Fixed bug in und add -exclude flag where wild cards were expanded instead of being assigned to the directory exclude field.


  • Disabled tooltips in editors that don't have focus.


  • Fixed error in cluster call graphs where going from Aggregate by Arch to Aggregate by something not an arch, and then back to aggregate by original arch did not work.
  • Fixed error in cluster call graphs where collapsing the parent of the root node drew the root node anyway as a parentless node.
  • Fixed error in saving architecture cluster call graphs where graph saved an entity as the root instead of the arch.
  • Added Uml Sequence Diagrams (graph also available from API)
  • Fixed error in cluster call graphs where file clusters vanished upon expansion when aggregating by an architecture.


  • Removed prompt to close all open editor windows when project portability settings change. Fixed failure to update editor window state after files open in an editor are added to the project by rescan.


  • Fixed failure to load relative and named root paths in the replace-in-files preview window.
  • Fixed failure to launch find-in-files from find results window.


  • Fixed metrics treemap generation from Python and Perl APIs.