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(Build b760) – 9 Jan 2015


  • Updated MISRA 2008 and All Check script noMoreThanOneBreakOrGoto.upl to detect irregular loop construction and bypass without throwing a script error.
  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 6-6-4 and All Check script noMoreThanOneBreakOrGoto.upl to not crash when encountering an irregular loop construction.
  • Updated unusedLocal.upl to skip [unnamed] variables.
  • Updated MISRA 2004 rule 2.2 and All Check script noSingleLineComments.upl to not throw multiple violations when a block of C99 comments are encountered.
  • Added implicitFunctionDeclarations.upl to All Check and Scitools Recommended Checks.
  • Update C/C++ specific codechecks not to test files from other languages in multi-language projects.


  • Version number changed to 1.1.0.┬áNote that this new plugin version is not compatible with older builds of understand, and the old plugin version is not compatible with this build of understand.
  • Entity Graphs (not metric treemap):
    • Double click on entity nodes jumps to definition.
    • Single click on control flow graph nodes goes to the line in the source code.
    • Right-click on entity nodes gives the entity context menu.
    • Right-click on anything other than the entity nodes give the full menu for the graph (as it appears in understand). Additional menu options may be added by eclipse because of the nature of eclipse context menus.
  • For instructions on installing the Eclipse plugin visit


  • Updated labels under tools->options->Editor->Externally modified files.


  • Made changes to better handle IO statements with control transfer specifiers, for example READ with an END specifier. Also, fixed bug where these control transfers were not counted in cyclomatic complexity.


  • Fixed most recently used tab activation order.
  • Save Project As starts with current project name in field.


  • Improved representation of Fortran IO statements in Control Flow graph.
  • Update Cluster Control Flow for Fortran IO statements.


  • Add documentation for new Java API to installer.


  • For Ada, c#, and Fortran, made change so that removing a file causes files that depend on it to be reparsed.


  • Added a sort by file extension option to the project browser, available in the dimple menu.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen in Config : C# : References if named roots are used and then deleted.
  • Changed context menus in the Project Browser to be consistent with context menus in the Entity Filter.
  • Remove dimple menu buttons from the selected item in the Entity Filter and Entity Locator.


  • Update python documentation.


  • Fixed some minor issues with Extract Function Refactor Tool (correctly handle when last selected character is newline, always add extra line after new function, correctly expand return value combo box for longer names, change “Not Member” to “Non-member” in gui, changed Move Up and Move Down buttons to stay at the top rather than center.)
  • Added an extract temp refactor tool for c++.


  • Fixed possible worker process crash on 32-bit Windows.
  • Report missing header files in analysis log.


  • Update uperl documentation.