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(Build b755) – 5 Dec 2014

Support for Windows XP will be separate from our other builds going forward and will no longer be updated with the rest of our builds. It will be available at


  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 16-2-1 and All Check script preprocessorOnlyUsedForInclusionAndGuards.upl to throw fewer false positives.
  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 3-1-1 and All Check script possibleToIncludeMultipleTranslationsWithoutViolatingOneDefinition.upl to be more accurate.
  • Updated MISRA 2008 rule 16-2-3, MISRA 2004 rule 19.15 and All Check script includeGuardsShallBeProvided.upl to be more accurate.
  • Added a note to the description qualifying checks as Strict only checks.


  • Fixed ‘und -rescan’ to purge parse information for files that no longer exist.


  • Change so that deleting a c++ include file causes files known to include it, to be reparsed.


  • Fixed drag-and-drop of files from Finder on Mac OS X Yosemite.
  • Windows XP available at
  • Fixed crash on command line invocation with -existing -contextmenu flags during database resolve.
  • Analysis Log, Added an option to allow the user to specify the selection color in Tools -> Options -> User Interface -> Windows.


  • Updated to use the rich text selection color. Added the extended code base for the tooltip.


  • Fix for redundant methods in scope list toolbar and scope list widget.


  • Fixed worker process crash on Objective-C property declare references where the associated interface can’t be found.


  • Changed user tools to treat quotes in the parameter list the same as the Windows command prompt and Linux terminal. See examples below.

             Input                             Old Behavior                                  New Behavior

\"some text\"                 2 args = { \ , some text\ }              2 args = { "some, text" }
-arg="a b"                    2 args = { -arg= , a b }                 1 arg = { -arg=a b }
-arg=$Prompt...               2 args = { -arg=, result }               1 arg = { -arg=result }
On the third example, note that all $Prompt macros are internally quoted (so that things like filenames that come in with spaces are one parameter).
  • Changed user tools macro $CurrentProjectName to include everything up to the last dot rather than the first so understand-1.0.0.udb comes in as understand-1.0.0 instead of understand-1.
  • Potential fix for CommandCapture YieldCheck() crash.


  • Possible fix for crash during analyze when metrics treemap is open.


  • For web html, made changes to not create entities for html ids and tags with empty names.
  • For Javascript, fixed some problems with full name recognition for properties of global objects.
  • For web javascript, fixed crash when parsing some dotted name expressions.
  • For web css, fixed parser hang on some invalid css code.