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(Build b752-753) – 22 Nov 2014


  • Updated to show 5 lines of code surrounding the bookmark in question in the tooltip over the right side of the bookmark (left side still shows time and date).


  • Fixed a bug where a reference to an unknown method using ‘base’ as a prefix did not create a reference to the unknown method entity.


  • Updated the richText highlight to adjust the font correctly.


  • Added a keybinding to highlight an entity until the same keybinding is applied again. Added a second keybinding to clear all such highlights. Supports up to four highlighted entities per editor.


  • Added a “Most Recently Used” menu to the right click menu of the Filter line edit field.


  • In Project Metrics Browser, keep scroll bar constant when changing between entities/architectures with the same number of metrics.
  • Fixed crash when scrolling over a disappearing tooltip on Mac with the trackpad or magic mouse scroll gesture.


  • Updated the selected foreground text to be displayed better (white text for darker shades and black text for lighter shades).
  • Updated the Find in Files Result Window and the “Search – Show Find Results” to reflect the correct wording (Find in Files Results).


  • In User Tools, changed $PromptFor macros so that the result only became its own argument if it contained spaces. In other words, the results of all $PromptFor macros used to be treated as if they were quoted, and now that behavior only occurs if there are spaces in the result.