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(Build b745) – 17 Oct 2014


  • For Ada, fixed bug where uses of loop parameters were recorded with ‘ref’ relations instead of ‘use’ relations.
  • For Ada, fixed bug where nested subroutine stubs were sometimes not correctly merged with the separate subunit.


  • Add Magic Numbers Codecheck for Java.
  • Add Single Exit from Method Codecheck for Java.


  • Updated the settings command in und (see details listed below).
  • Added to Settings:
  •      Web: AllowJQuery, AllowNodeJS, NodeJsSearchPath, NodeJsPredefined, SearchStringsForEntityNames
  •      Override: C++Frameworks, C++IgnoreParentFrameworks, C++SysRoot, C++IgnoreParentSysRoot
  •      Reports: TextClearDirectory, HtmlClearDirectory
  •      Java: IncludePackageName
  •      C++: SysRoot, CreateReferencesInAssembly, MSCVersion
  •      Cobol: Compiler, Format
  •      Assembly, SystemIncludePath, Includes
  • Removed From Settings (Options not used):
  •      C#: LocateSystemClassesMode, StandardLibraryDirectory, FrameworkDirectory
  • Removed From List (Options not available in Settings and not used):
  •      C#: LocateSystemClassesMode, StandardLibraryDirectory, FrameworkDirectory
  •      Assembly, SaveMacroExpansionText, SearchAmongProjectFiles, TreatSystemIncludesAsUser, UseCaseInsensitiveLookup, Assembler, AssemblerIncludePath, Replacements, Macros


  • Add support for Wind River PowerPC C++ compiler.


  • Fixed error in eclipse plugin where metrics treemap failed to generate.
  • Eclipse plugin dependencies lowered so that it loads for eclipse 4.2 and 4.3 as well as 4.4.
  • Added Japanese translation files to Eclipse plugin.


  • Licensing Window updated to not show the “Add a License” window by default when there is a server but no license available.


  • Fix error in cluster call graphs where namespaces could sometimes lead to disappearing nodes.


  • Changed name of ‘Unused Variables and Parameters’ report to ‘Unused Objects and Functions’ report to better reflect report contents.
  • Add configuration option to control C# comment association.


  • Fixed ent.lexer() not working for a named root file in the python api on windows.


  • Command Capture Window, updated the output to allow users to see the output during the script run phase instead of only after the script has run.


  • For web css, fixed bug where only the first font-family name given in a font-family property was referenced.
  • For web css, fixed crash in parsing some css font-family definitions.