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(Build b742) – 26 Sep 2014


  • In und, added a remove option for all lists except filetypes (because you can’t remove from that anyway). So, for example, you can now use -languagesremove C++ to just remove c++.


  • Added the ability to remove specific items from the recent projects and recent files list under Tools->Options->User Interface->Lists.
  • Included graph windows in editor history.


  • On ClusterGraphSettingsPage, fixed the drop down menus for node and arrow shape so that you don’t have to click away in order to get the Apply button to become enabled.


  • Update understand documentation.


  • Fixed issues with the License Dialog not allowing the user to checkout a license if at first all licenses are taken and then one frees up.
  • Fixed a heartbeat issue when Understand tries to use an invalid server in a Linux license file.