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(Build b1021) – 2 Apr 2020


  • Updated unusedLocal.upl to use a different error message when parameters are flagged.
  • Add "-ignoredonlyresults" switch to und codecheck to save only ignored (false positives) to results.
  • Fixed a bug in MISRA 2012 rule 13.3, MISRA 2008 rule 5-2-10, MISRA 2004 rule 12.13 and All Checks script IncrementDecrimentStandalone.upl where arrays weren't correctly handled.
  • Fixed a bug in MISRA 2004 rule 17.5 and All Check script noMoreThanTwoLevelsOfIndirection.upl that would cause false positives on range based loops.
  • Added "-exportignoredall" switch to und codecheck to allow exporting ignores including those in comments. Codecheck will also run since commented ignores are found during the analysis, not stored.


  • Add missing control flow information for lambda functions.
  • Add improved support for the Apple blocks extension.