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(Build b1012) – 10 Jan 2020


  • Moved interactive graph options (such as hide node, expand node, etc) out of the toolbar and into a sidebar for improved visibility. Added a configure option to the toolbar that opens the Graph options in settings.


  • Removed automatic partial analysis that occurs after removing a file and/or directory using und remove.


  • For Fortran metrics, fixed bug where select case statements with no 'default' had a complexity value of 1 less than the correct value. Changed the complexity of arithmetic if statements and computed gotos to not count multiple branches to the same statement (where the same label is specified more than once in the statement). Added included executable code to the control flow graph, and added paths through included executable code to the path count for the including subroutine.


  • Update Python API test script to check LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set on Linux machines.


  • For Web Php, fixed bug where the use of a php directive (strict_types, ticks, encoding) could cause a set relation to the wrong entity.