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Understandâ„¢ version 5.1 is officially available with Build 974. This release includes all updates since February 2018 and most recently includes “under the hood” improvements that will allow our team to bring you improved performance, responsiveness, and new features. You will also find that we updated the look of Understand with fresh icons and dark mode support on Mac.

New Additions Since 5.0

Behind the Scenes

  • Added support for MSVC 2017 C# projects
  • Windows installer significantly faster if .NET framework is already installed
  • Updated the Perl version that is included with Understand to 5.28.0
  • Updated the UI framework to Qt 5.12
    • No longer supports 32 bit Linux
    • No longer supports RedHat 6
  • Additional Language Support
    • Java 10
    • C# 7.2
    • FORTRAN 2008
    • Visual Basic .NET 2015
    • Typescript

Do More with Understand

If you are new to Understand, sign up for our free one hour webinar to see how Understand can help you.

If you are familiar with Understand and you are interested in taking your Understand skills to the next level, Be sure to sign up for the free advanced training seminars that our sales partner Emenda has coming up:

Looking Forward

Our team is currently hard at work on several projects inside of Understand that we are very excited about. As new builds are released over the coming months you will see further improvements to the interface, as well as updates to graphs, Annotations, Compare Graphs, and CodeCheck.