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In Part I I described how in Understand 2.0 we are attempting to have not SDI, or MDI, but “Any DI” – where you can put windows where you want and have them stay that way.  I described how you can move dock and information windows around in the GUI and anywhere on your monitor(s). In this segment I’ll cover document windows (editor and graph windows).

Here is Understand 2.0 with a couple tabbed editor documents and a tabbed graph:

2008-04-08 06.30

By default these live in tabs. However, you can “release” any document window out of the tabbed workspace by right clicking on its tab and choosing “Release Window”:

2008-04-08 06.31

and it floats out of the tabbed workspace where you can put it anywhere you want:

 2008-04-08 06.33

Editor windows work similarly but they also have a mode that toggles new editors to be in our out of the tabbed document workspace. Set this in the Window menu:

2008-04-08 06.34

If I choose “SDI” Window, then future editors will be created outside the MDI frame:

2008-04-08 06.37

Finally, how do I put a “Released” window back into the dock?  I wish this was a bit more obvious, but here we are for the moment constrained by Qt and portability among all the different platforms we support. Since we couldn’t put a “capture” button next to the close, iconize and kill buttons – we added a dimple menu in the upper right of the window document itself. Just choose it and Capture the window back into the tabbed workspace:

2008-04-08 06.40