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Understand 1.4 had two windowing modes – SDI and MDI. On X-Windows, it had only SDI.

One of the big design goals for 2.0 was what we call “Any DI”, which basically means, put windows where you want. In a container window (MDI), all alone (SDI), or docked together, so forth.

Read on to learn how you can put information windows (IB, ENtity Filter, so forth) – what we call Dock Windows anywhere on your screen and have Understand 2.0 remember where you put them next time you run it.


Here is a basic Understand 2.0 window setup – it sort of looks like 1.4 did:

2008-04-07 22.31

But if I want the Information Browser to be somewhere else, say on another monitor, or just somewhere else on my one monitor, I can easily put it there. Just hit the release icon: 2008-04-07 22.34 and the IB becomes a free-floating window. Put it anywhere you want:

2008-04-07 22.36

If you want to put it back into the MDI window – just drag it to one of the sides. It will dock in automatically. Here I put it on the right side, next to the Project Assistant:

2008-04-07 22.37

That is pretty much it.  Put the window where you want, Understand 2.0 remembers, move on.

And if you get in trouble, remember this very important menu that restores defaults… the Window->Change Dock Window Layout:

2008-04-07 22.40


Next up…. putting documents (source files, graphs, so forth) in and out of the document container….