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Our most frequently asked support question goes something like this: “I see the graphs on your website, but how do I get them in Understand?”.  With Understand 1.4 the only way to get a call tree other other graphical view was to right click on the function and choose “Graphical Views->Call Tree”.  That is totally obvious to some new users and to others a huge mystery. And that is understandable. Not everybody has used applications with right click context menus.

Understand 2.0 keeps the context menus, but also adds a new Graph Toolbar:

2008-09-18 11.08

This toolbar item updates whenever you click on an entity anywhere in source or any of Understand’s graphical or other informational views.

To get a graph, just pull down the menu:

2008-09-18 11.11

and the graph will pop right up.